Sunday, June 22, 2014

Instagram: Jake #6

"Looks like Trixy wants to work out with me today"

"Hmmm... "The canine centipede" ?? "

"Solos and more solos. Can't wait for you all to hear #BVB4"

"Protein pancakes for breakfast, made with egg beaters, one banana, a scoop of vanilla casein, and just a hint of extra Virginia coconut oil. Mmm mmm (eat them as shown, now syrup or sugary shit)"

"Studio day... I lost count"

"Day 1 - day 90 side view. #p90x3 more progress pics to come at day 180"

"Day 1 - Day 90 first round of #p90x3 complete. Fitness and a clean diet = feel good. I'm not close to where I want to be, so time to put on some muscle in this second round and burn the rest of that fat! On to day 90 - 180"

"Got some fan letters, thanks for the mail. Going to read them now."

"I'm officially a @p90x3 grad as of today. Feels so so good! Round 2 coming up with the Mass Calendar this time around. Feel it's appropriate for @mryanni10 's slogan #eatcleangetmean"

"Studio day I don't know anymore. Lost in guitar land. But check out this guy doing some Pilates"

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